Undead review

Zombie cinema has always had more than its fair share of DIY filmmakers willing to grab a video camera, round up a few mates and slap some flour on their faces. This no-budget effort from Australia follows in the homemade footsteps of The Evil Dead and Bad Taste as twins Peter and Michael Spierig turn an outback town into an alien-infested zombie wasteland.

Riding through the chaos is a shotgun-wielding fisherman (Mungo McKay), who's clearly watched one too many John Woo movies, and the town's former beauty queen (Felicity Mason). Splatter fans will dig the gut-munching action (including the first ever screen appearance of a zombie fish!), but this never converts its cult potential into hard currency. Annoyingly hysterical characters, naff CGI and relentless steals from other, better movies prove disastrous. And you know you're in trouble when one of those "better" movies includes Dreamcatcher.

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