Ultraviolet review

How many Aeon Fluxes do we need in one year, let alone a lifetime? Tell that to Kurt Wimmer, who follows up his deeply average Equilibrium with another hi-tech actioner set in a dystopian futureworld. The fixtures scream Blade Runner, while the femme-bot fisticuffs pilfer from The Matrix. The story, however, comes from John Cassavettes' Gloria, with Milla Jovovich's 'hemophage' (super powers, genetic mutation, you know the drill) distracted from her vigilante duties by a nine-year-old (Cameron Bright) to whom she becomes a reluctant babysitter.

Gleaming, deafening and thoroughly boring, this is sci-fi by numbers that makes you rue the day Luc Besson ever made Jovovich a star. The real shame, though, is they didn't junk this derivative crud from the off and use Jack Davenport's ace '90s TV series of the same name as a starting point. Ultraviolet deserves to be invisible.

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