Ultimate X review

Style, skill and balls of steel - that's pretty much all you'd need to do a back flip, 50 feet in the air, on a motorbike. And this is just one example of what the athletes in the X Games - the extreme sports version of the Olympics - get up to in Ultimate X.

Filmed during the 2001 Games in Philadelphia, this IMAX documentary follows competitors in various events, including Street Luge, BMX Stunt, Moto X and Skateboarding. Their incredible stunt work is then intercut with comments from the audience, the crew behind the games and the adrenalin-fuelled nutters who pass for the athletes themselves.

But, at a mere 40 minutes in length, the emphasis is definitely on the action, with slow-motion and split screens adding to the buzz. Fast-moving shots following the street luges on their downhill race are particularly exhilarating, but it's seeing the competitors smash spectacularly that really lives in the memory.

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