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Zombieland writers to direct Doc And Howie


Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are set to make their directorial debut with black comedy Doc And Howie .

Compared to Harold And Kumar in tone, the comedy follows the titular pair who inadvertently kill an old woman when they refuse to help her carry her groceries upstairs.

When they meet the dead woman’s lovely granddaughters, they aren’t sure whether or not they should confess their failure to help their grandmother.

Written by Carpooler ’s Steve Leff, the film’s script garnered acclaim when it first appeared on 2009’s Black List of Hollywood’s best overlooked scripts.

The premise sounds like pretty goofy DTV fare to us, but we’re hopeful that the Zombieland duo can muster the same dark wit and inventive visual concepts that they brought to their undead debut.

After Doc And Howie , they’ll be helming the infinitely more awesome sounding Cowboy Ninja Viking . We guess Doc ’s just a warm up, hey guys?