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Zombie footballers get nasty in Play Dead

Play Dead

Vampires are out. Zombies are in. In movie-land, at least.

With Pride And Prejudice And Zombies still wobbling about attempting to get made, another zombie novel is heading to the big screen in the form of an adap of Ryan Brown’s debut novel Play Dead.

Set in Texas, the story follows a football team who are killed on their way to a big game, but are resurrected as zombies to keep on competing. If they can play in-between snacking on human flesh, that is.

It’s been described as a “darkly humorous, rich and pungent zombie shocker”, which ticks just about every box we could hope for in a flick about the undead.

Producer Mark Canton has had experience with zombie films before, having produced George A. Romero’s Land Of The Dead . Could zombie master Romero take on this adap? Watch this space.