Wii problems top 15 million

After our Xbox 360 was stricken with the three red light blight, we headed to Dr Google to seek a prognosis. Typing in "Xbox 360 problems" we nearly choked on our fingernails when it returned 7,530,000 results. That's a lot of problems and, from the first 100 or so pages we bothered to check, nearly all of those related to Xbox 360's red lightyitis. An outrage and no mistake.

Our consumer anger was immediately distracted, however, by the opportunity for a pointless and trivial number hunt and we probed the internet further to see how Microsoft's rivals fared in the Google problem stakes.

Above: Our console was just like this one, except it didn't work

"PS3 problems" notched up 3,700,000 and offered a vast variety of disgruntlements, including hardware, manufacturing, pricing, software, global launch and on and on and on...

But it was Wii that stacked the top of this impromptu study, with a search for "Wii problems" conjuring up an almighty 15,200,000 results. Who'd have thought that Nintendo's friend-for-all-the-family could be so problematic? Of course, it didn't take us long to deduce that "problems" really translated to "slippery handedness" or "technologically disinclined."

And our conclusion to this shallow investigative analysis? Er, when we're left without a console we'll play anything. Even Google.