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Wii Play review

More minigames for the Wii. Yay?


  • Seeing your Miis in use
  • Acid Pong rocks
  • Some multiplayer fun


  • It's over real fast
  • Not as cute as Wii Sports
  • Only two players

After spending no more than an hour with Nintendo's latest assortment of minigames, we'd unlocked everything there was to see. Considering the simplicity of all nine included games, it's plain to see that this is actually a $10 budget game bundled with a "free" Wii Remote, which runs about $40 anyway. But even if the value is suspect, there's still a decent amount of fun to have - just don’t expect another multiplayer explosion like Wii Sports.

Play is, more or less, a game designed to familiarize new users with the remote. Each game introduces a new function of the device, hopefully acclimating Mommy Dearest to the Wii by the time she's done pointing and waving. You've got a bland table tennis game, fishing, billiards, cow racing, an Atari 2600-style Combat knock-off and a Guess Who copycat that has you searching for Miis in a crowd. But you can plan on pretty much ignoring those - the final three games, which we'll getto on the next page,are where you'll spend most of your time, single player or with a friend.

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DescriptionMultiplayer's the only way to go with Wii Play, and even then you'll be satisfied within a week.
US censor rating"Everyone"
UK censor rating""
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)