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Warm-up for the TalkRadar UK Christmas Special

You might be wondering where TalkRadar UK is. Normally it would be out today, but it isn't. That's because we've got a massive, festive gigaton of a Christmas Special coming at you on Boxing Day (Sunday). But don't think this article has nothing of worth for your eager ears and eyes. Quite the contrary. We've got a video preview of it, filmed on four cameras simultaneously. Yes, you're right, that is cool. We've also hand-picked our favourite Minigame Challenges from the past few months for you to enjoy. So come on in, stamp the snow off your boots and get in the mood for TalkRadar UK's Christmas Special!

Excited about the real thing? You'll find it on iTunes (opens in new tab) this very Sunday. It's a bit rude, in places though. That's what happens when you add alcohol to the magic, so you might want to give it a miss if you're easily offended. Or if you're Mike Tyson. Yeah, don't listen to it if your name's Mike Tyson.


Let's go through our favourite Minigame Challenges from 2010. Don't worry, they'll be returning after the Christmas break. As you probably know already, these are little video shorts where the hosts of TalkRadar UK play a competitive game based (very loosely) on something to do with videogames. They're probably too dangerous to try at home, too stupid to survive in the outside world and too childish to show our bosses. But we like them. So let's see the best!

Headshot Challenge

Our personal favourite, this. The team takes turns to throw videogames at Matt's head.

Blindfold Mario Drawing

Who can draw Mario best? No-one cares. We want to know who can draw him best while unable to see. Mwahahaha.

Jousting Challenge

Big balloons and little pricks.

Spinning Chair Tetris

It's amazing nobody threw up. And how long Cundy carries on playing after the time's over...

T-shirt challenge

How many videogame promo T-shirts can you put on in 30 seconds? And why has this one had the most views on YouTube? Oh, and PLAY OKAMI!

By the way, all of our minigame challenges can be found on the TalkRadar Wiki page (opens in new tab), maintained by the rather awesome Breener96 and friends. You can also find them on our YouTube channel (opens in new tab), which is also home to more behind-the-scenes action, like Meiks eating the world's hottest hot sauce (opens in new tab). Subscribe now and never miss out in 2011!

22 Dec, 2010