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Wanted director to produce unique zombie flick

After a heated auction for the spec script, Timur Bekmambetov has won rights to produce inventive zombie title, Maggie .

You may have had your zombie fill for the time being, especially with movement on World War Z finally getting underway , but hear us out:

The plot tracks the titular, 16-year old girl from middle America who has fallen prey to a zombie infection. The twist? Maggie's transformation takes six weeks, leaving the film to focus entirely around the emotional impact of her situation.

The script was penned by John Scott 3 (we're not sure if we're supposed to pronounce the "three" part) a NASA satellite programmer, with visual effects maestro Henry Hobson ( Rango ) coming on board to direct.

And with a six-figure budget (somewhere between $4 and $8 million), there's every indication that this will be a nicely grounded take on the genre.

Production begins later this year.