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Useless trivia alert: Nintendo requires Miyamoto to drive to work

In a recent interview withMario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, The New Yorkerreveals that Nintendo requires the designer to drive to work "for his safety and [Nintendo's] peace of mind." He previously walked or rode his bike.

It's obvious that Miyamoto is important to Nintendo, but who says driving is safer than walking or biking? Statistics, or something, we guess (looking up Japanese safety statistics sounds hard, so we'll leave it at that). But it shouldn't be discounted that physical activity promotes good health, right?

Above: It's dangerous out there

Anyway, Miyamoto says that he uses his time in the car to listen to music (he's a bluegrass fanatic, apparently), and suggests that learning a game is like learning to play a musical instrument, but thatif any part is too difficult, it moves from entertainment to a hobby.Becoming absorbed in playing agame or aninstrument, however, is the result of the same principle.

"If I find that a certain musical phrase is very nice, probably the first thing I am going to do in my office is I am going to pick up the guitar and try to imitate that phrase until I can get it right,” he said.

I did that too once when I came into the office. But I can't play the guitar, andsomeone told me to shut the hell up.

Check out theentire New Yorker piecefor more, it's worth a read.

[Source:The New YorkerviaKotaku]

Dec 13, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer