Torremolinos 73 review

A shaft of hope for sagging wage-slaves everywhere, this cheeky Spanish sex-farce sees redundant encyclopaedia salesman Alfredo (Talk To Her's Javier Cámara) become the Ingmar Bergman of Spanish grot as his homemade porno films for the World Encyclopaedia Of Reproduction make a smash in Scandinavia. Alfredo's wife Carmen (All About My Mother's Candela Pena) doesn't mind. She wants to conceive - on camera, if that's what it takes...

Keeping things broad and obvious, director Pablo Berger loves Confessions Of A Window Cleaner bonk-montages as much as blowing raspberries at Spanish Catholic moralists. Torremolinos 73 also scores as a charming domestic comedy, with Alfredo and Carmen mining gentle pathos as he yearns to be an auteur and she a mother. Needless to say, when Alfredo starts mixing The Seventh Seal with Debbie Does Dallas for his first arthouse erotic meisterwerk, it's a treat.

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