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Too Human

Remember Eternal Darkness on the ’Cube? This is what the guys behind that are doing next. An epic action-RPG full of sparkly sci-fi, evil robots and guns, spun around Norse mythology. You play as Baldur, son of Odin, a god who has to protect humanity from a crushing onslaught of machines intent on turning us all into greasy dust. Expect celestial big cheeses like Thor to pop up, too. If it sounds like a pile of hokum, don’t worry-remember Eternal Darkness. They know how to rattle out a good tale, although this one is the start of a trilogy. Best they kick things off with a bang, eh?

Combat is simple enough in practice, using the right stick to aim your weapons or any melee blows. It means you’ll have less camera control than expected, but the view can be zoomed or pulled back as needed.

There are five character classes to choose from. Bioengineers are medics who can dual-wield guns. Berserkers are heavyweight mentalists that pummel everything using twin sets of blades, while Defenders are heavily armoured and wield staffs. Commandos use rifles and demolition equipment. Finally, the Champion class uses a one-handed sword, but also magical attacks.