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Today's worst multiplayer experiences

After a bit of training, we joined a match with relative ease, though there were only eight matches total on Xbox Live at the time. And it’s no wonder why: the game just isn’t very fun, and without a thriving community, it’s just a wraith, a faint trail of game design potential wafting through digital corridors.

Above: Yeah, so, apparently we accidentally team killed someone. It isn’t our fault the game is dumb

One of our teammates actually commented over his mic, “They should make some DLC for this game,” and was bombarded with “What are you talking about…this game is ancient!” and “This game sucks.” We suppose the disheartened players were only online because they haven’t made any game purchases since mid 2007.

The game is technically OK, it’s just not inspiring enough to be worth playing over, say, any game in the Call of Duty, Halo, or Left 4 Dead series. It seems to take a stream of bullets the length of the Wall of China to take anyone down, it’s not clear who’s on which team, and the magic and tech powers crowd the experience more than they support it.

Number of times we’d like to teleport away from this game: Teleportation isn’t actually possible. Come on now.

Ace Combat 6

There was one other guy playing. He gleefully gift wrapped our asses and handed them to us multiple times, and then kicked us out of his lobby every time we tried to rejoin. AC6 is a great game, and there’s nothing wrong with the multiplayer, but it’s just as barren as the rest. If you’re an enthusiast and don’t mind the fact that 1-on-1 is the best you’ll do, unless you have a gang of also enthused friends, then go for it.

We’re apparently so bad at the game, the only other person playing would rather wait around for another challenger than shoot us down again. Burn.

Above: We saw a lot of this

Our experience, rated on a scale of one to embarrassing: Eleven.

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer