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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 review

Keep your Chiropractor's phone number handy


  • Ryder Cup competitions
  • Best online options yet
  • Mini-golf courses are cool


  • Ordinary visuals
  • Too few courses
  • Career mode needs a reboot

If we could’ve laid odds in Vegas some time between Thanksgiving and Christmas last year against a new Tiger Woods game appearing in 2010, we would’ve jumped on it. Considering the fact that Tiger barely played in ’09, then had a little scandal you may have heard about, we were prepared for EA to pull out of the Tiger business for a summer.

This proves a couple things, of course - we’re hideous gamblers and underestimating the will of EA Sports to perpetuate a brand is a fool’s bet. It’s also pretty obvious now that the development team had big plans this year and wanted to show it off at almost any cost.

For good reason, too - Tiger Woods 11 may have the best use of the Wii Motion Plus to date. The new TrueView mode, combined with the Advanced Motion Plus setting, is a pretty remarkable golf simulation. Your view of the ball is from a first-person perspective, and each of your twists, wiggles, and turns are accurately rendered from backswing to follow-through. Unfortunately for us, that means that our hopelessly atrocious real-life golf, ahem, “skills” made their way into our virtual game too. Adjustments were made and wrists were locked, and over time things got a little easier. Even so, the days of easy Eagles and Birdies appear long gone.

Of course, you can use the standard controls and dominate easily enough, but what’s the fun in that? Plenty, actually, because it’ll take a serious amount of patience and physical exertion if you don’t. Getting the ball out of the tee box in decent shape is easy enough, but finding the right touch on approaches and (especially) putts isn’t a simple task. If you’ve got the mindset to practice, it’s pretty rewarding once you get the hang of it; if you’re not willing to invest a bit of time, though, frustration is bound to set in quickly.

Between your career, the Ryder Cup, a bevy of nifty minigames, and a shockingly compelling set of online modes, Tiger’s packed with tons of ways to throw out your back or shred your shoulders. Couch potatoes beware – this ain’t no “sit back and relax” golf game. By the time you’re done with 18 holes, you’ll need to take a break and rest your weary bones.

Assuming you’re up for the challenge, Tiger Woods 11 is a heck of a big game to sink your teeth into. Just be sure your medical premiums are paid up.

Jun 12, 2010

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DescriptionTiger’s flailing in real life and on the course, but his game’s as tight as ever.
Franchise nameTiger Woods PGA Tour
UK franchise nameTiger Woods PGA Tour