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This LA hotel is using a GTA 5 screen for its website

Deliberate mistake or inattentive image searching? You decide. Whatever the reason, the Hotel Figueroa in LA currently has a lovely shot of Los Santos from GTA 5 on its website. 

Here’s the shot from the site (as noticed on Reddit). It's worth saying here that this is one of the first results if you Google images of downtown LA. 

And here’s more or less the actual view: 

You might recognise the hotel as it’s the three towered building that has all the adverts at E3. It’s currently closed for renovations but let’s take a look at this year’s ad which was for The Witcher 3’s card spin off Gwent. 

I took that shot while I was out there before the ad was finished, hence the Apple Watch in the background. It took its time going up. I suspect there might have been a few cross emails from CD Projekt Red about that. 

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Leon Hurley

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