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The SFX forum welcomes fiction writers

Back in 2006 we launched the Pulp Idol writing competition which ran for three years with great success. It took a break in 2009 because here on SFX we needed to concentrate on other projects - launching the SFX Weekender for instance, and producing more awesome specials than ever before - but we know that many of our readers have continued to enjoy the craft of writing. So we've left the dedicated writing forum up and running on our SFX board, where it has its own section. If you're an aspiring writer, come on in and join others experiencing the same highs and lows of getting ink onto paper - you'll find likeminded people to chat with.

And don't forget there will be loads of authors (over 20 at the last count) coming to our SFX Weekender, and you'll be able to quiz them - there's even a panel on the Saturday morning about getting your novel published, with industry professionals answering your questions.

Meanwhile, you can read an interview with the winner of our first Pulp Idol competition , about the success he's had since and his advice for new writers. And in previous years we've placed many articles on this site with tips from published authors on how to get started, and you'll find them here .

So, even though Pulp Idol is not running currently, maybe you should use this Christmas break as an opportunity to write down that SF tale which is burning a hole in your mind? Come on the forum and tell us about it...