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The Top 7… games you either love or hate

What lovers see: The killer app that finally, definitively proves the power of the PS3. A gritty and gory powerhouse, with eye-popping graphics unsurpassed on any console and spectacular battles which would seem at home on any movie screen. Gears of War 2 has cover? Killzone 2 has better cover, keeping you immersed in first-person the entire time. Halo 3 has multiplayer? Killzone 2 has better multiplayer, supporting up to 32 players in frenzied yet surprisingly organized carnage.

This was a make-or-break title for Sony’s superior console and, without a doubt, it made it.

What haters see: The “killer” app that finally, definitively deflates the hype of the PS3. Processing and technology may be on this exclusive’s side, but inspiration and originality are in short supply. What’s the point of fancy graphics if they’re wasted on dull hallways, musty warehouses, interchangeable enemies and forgettable heroes? Why copy Gears of War if you can’t get the cover system right and you don’t bother including co-op? Who cares about 32 people if the multiplayer doesn’t give them anything new or interesting to do?

This was a make-or-break title for Sony’s struggling console and, without a doubt, it broke it.

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What lovers see: The most perfect formula for a videogame ever. First, zombies. Not just a handful of zombies to blast away with a shotgun, but never-ending armies of zombies to dispatch with a seemingly infinite supply of weapons. Second, the suburban mall setting that, while fulfilling every horror movie buff’s dream, also provides a wide open sandbox and mind-boggling replay value. Third, zombies. You can chop their heads off with a lawnmower inside the food court, for God’s sake!

What haters see: The biggest missed opportunity for a videogame ever. “Zombies in a mall” should be automatic fun, but Dead Rising practically bends over backwards to ruin that experience. The weapons are temporary. The save system is unforgiving. The boss battles are unfair and the human survivors (ahem, Otis) are exasperating. Shooting a gun is almost impossible; reading text on a standard def television is impossible. Worst of all? The game is needlessly structured in 72 hour cycles, forcing you start over just as you’re getting used to the broken crap above.

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