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The official PS4 Gold and Platinum headsets are at their lowest ever prices

The official PS4 Gold and Platinum headsets are at their lowest ever prices
(Image credit: Sony)

If you've been holding out for the winter sales period in the hope that there'll be some great Black Friday game deals, then you are in luck already. As part of some early PS4 Black Friday offerings, Amazon UK have got both official PS4 headsets at their lowest ever prices right now. The Platinum and Gold headsets both have chunks off to the tune of the following: the tremendous Gold wireless PS4 headset is down to £49.99 at Amazon UK, which is brilliant value for a quality, wireless headset; and the even better, slightly-more-premium Platinum wireless headset is down to £89.99 at Amazon UK. This represents a healthy discount on both quality sets of cans and to reiterate these are the lowest prices ever for both headsets.

The platinum in particular represents a great deal as it normally goes for £130 and features high up on our list of best PS4 headsets for good reason. I can personally vouch for the Platinum headset and would recommend it for being a generally excellent, comfortable headset, perfect for PS4 play. The Gold headset, also comes with the Fortnite Neo Versa pack for free as well, which is a great bonus if you can't quite stretch to the Platinum headset. These are still both excellent examples of some early Black Friday gaming headset deals

Sony PlayStation 4 Platinum Wireless headset | just £89.99 at Amazon UK
The premium PlayStation 4 Platinum headset is that in every word:  from sound quality, to features to comfort. And now, at price, too.View Deal

Sony PlayStation 4 Gold Wireless Headset and Fortnite Neo Versa pack | £49.99 at Currys
A very attractive price for the quality, official Gold PS4 headset. Reliable and excellent, and it bags you those Fortnite extras too, if that's what you're into. (The Fortnite-less version is going for the same price.)View Deal

Personally, I can't recommend either of these headsets highly enough as it's what my friends and I play with. Never once has there been a problem or dip down from anything other than great quality in our experience. Both have the outstandingly useful and effective feature of an in-game audio vs chat balancer which is a godsend, and both provide excellent surround sound. The Platinum's 3D audio feature, combined with 'Sony-attached' game studios like Naughty Dog saying they're fans of it, means that the Platinum may well be a bit more future proof, but either would be exceptional acquisitions.

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