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The Club

Your goal is slightly more complex than just surviving your ordeal. Each kill earns you cash, which goes toward a total money pot for the level. How much cash, exactly, a kill earns you depends on how stylish it was, and also if it was part of a combo. Combos are initiated by killing a certain number of goons in quick succession and can hypothetically stretch from the beginning of a level to the very end. With each level averaging around five-to-six minutes long, it’s clear that bumping off each and every enemy in the level in one incredi-combo is eminently possible, and the only way to scale the very, very top of the Xbox Live Leaderboards is to do exactly that.

In this respect, claim developers Bizarre, The Club has more in common with the Project Gotham series than it would at first appear, because where Gotham is all about learning the tracks and breaking distances, The Club is centered on learning enemy placement and the layout of the arena, ensuring the ultimate carnage in the shortest time possible.