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The Cave review

Trapped miles underground in a giant labyrinth of submerged caverns with dwindling air supplies, no hope of rescue and man-sized bats picking his squad off one by one, ace cave diver Jack (Cole Hauser) reaches a startling conclusion. "This isn't good!" he grimaces - three little words that pretty much sum up this dreary creature feature.

Arriving in the wake of Neil Marshall's infinitely superior The Descent obviously does Bruce Hunt's debut film no favours, but even on its own terms this is desperate stuff - a flaccid hybrid of Alien, Predator and The Relic with shonky effects and a no-name cast. One mildly intriguing twist sees parasitic organisms transform Hauser from sturdy hero to bug-eyed mutant; alas, he's such a stiff actor it's hard to tell which is which. Some competently staged action apart, this is one Cave that should have stayed buried.

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