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System Shock Remaster coming to PS4 - play Bioshock's earliest ancestor

The Kickstarted System Shock remake will be coming to PS4 according to an announcement (opens in new tab) on the blog. "After we saw the overwhelming demand for PS4, we reshuffled our priorities and focused on talking to Sony about making that happen," the statement says. "After a few weeks and lotttts of emails, we are officially on track for bringing System Shock to the PS4!"

You can check out a first look at the PS4 gameplay here: 

If you're not up to speed on the game or its 1994 original, it's about being trapped on a space station with an insane AI called SHODAN who's trying to destroy all humanity (because that's just what computers do when they get bored). It's even got the original voice actor Terri Brosius back on board to play the murderous computer.

While Ken Levine didn't work on the original, he was behind the sequel and the templates both of those set out have basically inspired all the 'shocks since - hacking, player customisation, multiple gameplay options and so on. This is a true piece of gaming history getting an HD buff up. 

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