Surviving Christmas review

And so Ben Affleck's career train-wreck continues with a movie that manages to out-Gigli Gigli. A totally misjudged, inept black comedy, Surviving Christmas can't even claim the knives were drawn in anticipation. Once again, the star has snagged himself a part quite clearly written for someone else.

Affleck plays a commitment-phobic, Christmas-hating millionaire whose girlfriend dumps him for being too cold. So he tries to capture the spirit of festive frivolity by hiring himself a family (James Gandolfini, Catherine O'Hara and daughter Christina Applegate).

In the hands of, say, Jack Black, the concept would probably have elicited a handful of belly-laughs. Affleck, though, in a role that's so not him, is merely an almighty cock. Gandolfini and Applegate are wasted, and you'll need to be too in order to eke out any enjoyment here. If you see one festive black comedy this year, make it Bad Santa. If it's two you're after, see Bad Santa twice.

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