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Super Mario manga is now available in English for the first time

Manga Mario leaps from a pipe
(Image credit: Viz Media)

Super Mario manga is now available in North America. 

Although it's the first time Viz Media has brought a new volume of Super Mario-Kun stateside, there are actually already fifty volumes in the collection which has been running since the early 1990s (thanks, Gamespot, via Comic Book). 

The English-language release takes the best stories from across the collection, compiling them into one handy volume for American fans, with story and art by Yukio Sawada, who also brought the Japanese-language series to life. 

Called Super Mario Manga Mania, it contains 160 pages of stories that are described by Viz as being "from crazy to classic", seeing "Mario and his friends star in adventures that find them travelling through the many worlds of one of the biggest video game series ever!"

Nintendo similarly released a series of 4-koma manga back in January, ahead of the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons, depicting life as a villager in Tom Nook's world.   

As we reported at the time, there were originally three comic strips available via the official Japanese homepage for Animal Crossing New Horizons, the latest of which saw Tom Nook bragging about his new NookPhone that doesn't require charging. 

ICYMI, the festive season has well and truly arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizon's December Update. The latest patch has brought a thick blanket of snow and a number of new Holiday-themed events, bugs and fish, and DIY recipes to collect. You'll even notice a festive tweak to the soundtrack that accompanies your activities, too.

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