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Stuntman: Ignition - hands-on

The next scene is First Tremor, which is the onset of an earthquake triggered by the volcano. Here you’re standing in for the typical disaster movie hero - the unassuming scientist with huge responsibility thrust upon him (who just happens to be a top racing driver in his spare time). In this case he’s speeding down the side of the volcano to warn the town’s populace to scatter or face impending doom, and as well as the lava hazard whole chunks of tarmac are disappearing in front of him. This scene is all about dodging stuff - falling scenery, panic-stricken drivers, craters in the road. It all comes to a head with that staple of stunts, the leap across a semi-destroyed bridge.

Your involvement with Aftershock comes to a close with Escape, and as you can imagine, this promises to be the most dramatic scene, and easily one of the trickiest segments of Ignition. Your task is to stand in for the fella playing the harassed fire chief who needs to get across to the other side of town, and fast (dammit!), but it’s no easy task when there are trucks brewing up all around you and the streets are all strewn with abandoned vehicles and rubble. Still, a man’s gotta do, etc. The mission consists of turning through - and indeed over - vehicles, speeding through burning buildings and performing more evasive maneuvers than Alec Baldwin after screaming at his daughter. After a couple of 180s, it’s time to climb through a crumbling multi-story parking garage - pillars and concrete girders falling all around - before smashing through the top of it and down onto the road to the explosive ending.