Soul Plane review

Everybody's got a holiday horror story. For Nashawn Wade (Kevin Hart), it involves getting his arse stuck in an airplane toilet. In case that's too subtle for you, his pet dog also gets sucked into the jet engine.

With the $100-million settlement, he sets up the world's first urban airline. The planes have chrome wheels, there's an on-board DJ and the captain is Snoop Dogg. That's bad news for Mr Hunkee (Tom Arnold), whose nice, polite white family gets bumped on to NWA's inaugural flight. It's bad news for us too, because the consequences are far from hilarious.

Pitched somewhere between Airplane! and The Nutty Professor, Soul Plane is so far off course it's not even on the radar. What director Jessy Terrero fails to realise is that this sort of heavy-handed humour still needs a gentle touch to make it work. You can't just show us a bloke having a crap and expect us to laugh. That said, the soundtrack's not half bad, so save your cash for that instead.

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