Sony 'really sorry' for PS3 delay

Thursday 26 October 2006
Phil Harrison, Sony's president of worldwide studios, has apologised for the severe delay to the launch of PlayStation 3 in Europe, but reckons that the March release can still be a positive thing.

Harrison has also revealed that the decision to hold back Europe's induction into the PS3 club was only made "literally a few days before we made the announcement," suggesting Sony did everything it could to avoid letting us down.

"We are better to do a launch in two markets, rather than do a diluted launch in all three," Harrison states. Sony "couldn't predict the quantities [of a critical component]" and so "did the analysis and had to make the decision to delay Europe".

In an interview with gaming mag PSM3, Harrison explains that with only one language in Japan, and three in the US, it was easier to focus on those areas. Harrison also proclaimed, "I'm really sorry that we had to delay the launch".