Sony job cuts in detail

Wednesday 25 April 2007
Sony Computer Entertainment Europerecently revealedthat in an effort to significantly reduce its cost base it was going to make up to 160 of its 1900 staff redundant. Where those cuts would be made wasn't clear, but now the first details of where the axe has fallen across SCEE have emerged, courtesy of developer blog,Inner Bits.

According to Inner Bits, the job losses have hit the following Sony studios:
• Sony Liverpool (Wipeout and Formula One) - over 50 redundancies
• Sony Cambridge (24: The Game, Primal, GhostHunter, MediEvil) - around 20 redundancies
• Sony London (The Getaway, Home, EyeToy, SingStar) - over 50 redundancies

When we contacted SCEE it declined to offer any further comment on the redundancies and the impact that they might have on projects currently in development at the affected studios.