Smuggler's Run: Warzones review

High-tail it to the border, contraband in tow


  • Easy-to-get
  • smooth gameplay
  • Five massive levels to explore
  • Pissed-off lawmen on your case


  • Those guys don't give up - ever
  • Mission variety is lacking
  • Online would make this a must-play

You're screaming through dense, sun-drenched Vietnam forest, army jeeps hot on your trail. There are two paths up ahead - one's a massive hill that looks impossible to climb, the other's a valley that's loaded with border patrol cronies. In a split-second decision, you go for the hill, your truck's engine roars in contempt but drags over the top anyway, launching you off a cliff and safely to your contraband drop zone. Mission accomplished.

Smuggler's Run: Warzones is boiling over with moments like that. You're a rookie smuggler who wants to make a big name for himself, and what better way than taking on the most insane, outlandish missions available? One minute you're flying a sports car across a desert looking for air-dropped packages, then five seconds later the FBI, US Army and border patrol officers rain down on you with a vengeance.

Warzones is a director's cut of the first two PS2 Smuggler's Run titles. It combines the enormous, dwarfing levels of the series with new countermeasures and getaway techniques. Part of the instant appeal of the Smuggler games is their wide-open gameplay - after one quick load at the beginning of each stage, you've got a miles-long stretch of landscape to tear through. It's all about winding through the small villages, bountiful hills and marshy swamps to get your stolen goods delivered on time.

More Info

DescriptionThe ultimate game of cops 'n' robbers - you won't have a chance to breathe when you're running from the cops, FBI and border patrol all at once.
US censor ratingTeen
Release date7 August 2002 (US), (UK)