Super Smash Bros.' most secret secrets

Sleepy Time!

The Event Battles first introduced in Melee put players in unique situations, asking them to complete tasks based on the environment in order to Smash their way to victory. Event #39, Jigglypuff Live!, puts us in control of Jigglypuff and pits us against three other Jigglypuff--who wont attack each other--in a normal style Melee. However, despite the 3-on-1 odds, we get a distinct advantage in the form of a weird glitch.

Since the fight is set in Pokemon Stadium, once in a while the big screen in the background will highlight one of the four Jigglypuffs. If our Jiggly appears on the screen and we use the Sing attack, our opponents will instantly fall asleep even if theyre nowhere near us. This technique is a perfect way to slow things down in what otherwise is a hectic match, so if you see yourself on the big screen, get to singing!

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The hidden kitty

The Pokemon Stadium stages are known for their transformations, turning the usually flat battlefield into any one of a number of type-based arenas. A burnt out shed for Fire-type, a hut built into a large mountain-like area for Ground-type, and more make Pokemon Stadium a volatile place for a volatile Smashfest. However, the Ice transformation in Brawls Pokemon Stadium 2 holds a cute and cuddly secret.

The Ice transformation produces a snowy hut with a Snorunt inside. By pausing the game and shifting the camera around, youll find a strange poster on the inside wall: one of a cute little kitten. It seems the influence of cats on the Internet has spread to the Brawl battlefields. Were not sure of the cats significance, we assume it belongs to Sakurai himself, but were totally cool with cat pics in our Smash Bros.

The Mushroom Kingdom Danger sign

Ever wonder how the game determines when a character is too far gone to come back, resulting in the major off-screen explosion of death? The Melee version of the retro Mushroom Kingdom stage sheds a little bit of light on that, if one manipulates the camera in the right way.

Anyone who has played the stage knows that there is a little bit of walking room off-screen on each side of the stage, but by placing a fighter right on the edge of the visible screen and pausing, you can then turn the camera and see the giant DANGER! signs off the side of the screen. That, dear GamesRadar readers, is the determination of whether a Smash Brother keeps or loses a life. Cross that line, and its all over for you.

Onett's hidden message board

Another hidden secret rests in the Onett stage found in both Melee and Brawl, and its an Easter Egg left specifically for all of the Earthbound faithful. By standing to the right of the blue house, pausing, then zooming out, a town message board will appear with this message: Caution, A black van driven by this guy has been spotted racing recklessly through town. Be careful!

This guy is referring to one of the members of the Runaway Five band from Earthbound, and the black van refers to the van that will come crashing through the stage during a battle, sending anyone it strikes into oblivion. Those who played Earthbound when it first came out can appreciate the reference, and those who played Smash before venturing into the classic RPG now have one more thing to look for when they do play it.

Anything we missed?

These are just the hidden gems we were able to find, but we know there are probably more that we didn't even mention. If you know of any other secrets or hidden gems, let us know in the comments below. Especially if you found Totaka's Song in the game. That may never be found.

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