Sex Lives Of The Potato Men review

""My mother-in-law gave me a blowjob last night"," says skirt-chasing delivery man Ferris (Mackenzie Crook). ""Mine gave me a fishing rod once"," replies Dave (Johnny Vegas), his slobby, beer-guzzling co-driver.

Yes folks, that's as good as the banter gets in Andy Humphries' grubby, homegrown sex farce. The depressingly literal title sums it up as our gormless heroes juggle their spud-carrying duties with hasty knee-tremblers thanks to every obliging, knicker-dropping slapper in Birmingham. Throw in a bogey-eating boss obsessed with his ex and a compulsive masturbator trying to replicate the flavour of his girlfriend's jam-covered minge, and the result is a Britcom only a Loaded reader could love.

With a cast drawn from such cult TV shows as The Office and The League Of Gentlemen, you'd anticipate a smattering of amusing moments. But from the randy geriatric to the cock-shaped crazy paving, this has all the wit and charm of a smutty seaside postcard.

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