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Rick and Morty get meta in anti-corporate capitalism comic

Rick & Morty: Corporate Assets
Rick & Morty: Corporate Assets (Image credit: Oni Press)

Always read the terms of service. Morty (one-half of the Rick & Morty duo) will learn that the hard way in the upcoming four-issue series Rick & Morty: Corporate Assets from Oni Press.

(Image credit: Oni Press)

In this series by writer James Asmus and artist Jarrett Williams (with colorist Jeremy Lawson), Morty signs away his life when he blindly agrees to the terms of service on the latest hot fad mobile app. After being abducted by the app's corporate creators for their own purposes, Rick is, fortunately, able to save him… but Morty will screw it all up and strand them in an unexplored alternate dimension while this villainous company goes wild with Rick's invention.

"It's one of the most jam-packed, meta-commentary, personally cathartic things I've ever written, with excellent art by Jarrett Williams," Asmus tweets."This isn't just another adventure for them - it's a pretty explicit (in all senses) explosion of the madness, struggle, rage, and hubris that comes with trying to make meaningful, creative work when giant companies just want cookie-cutter cash cows."

(Image credit: Oni Press)

The writer goes on to say that the third issue "might be the purest distillation of my brain - from sense of humor to anxiety - ever."

GamesRadar+'s Bradley Russell recently wrote about the Rick and Morty franchise and what he feels is a need for it to evolve and embrace its canon - like this comic - if it is to continue on.

Rick and Morty: Corporate Assets #1 (of 4) goes on sale on November 10.

Rick and Morty season 5 returns for a one-hour finale on September 5. While you wait for that and this comic book series, check out the best Rick and Morty episodes. 

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