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Red Dead Redemption: Watch an old man urinating on John Marston

You remember Nigel West Dickens from Red Dead Redemption - the top-hatted peddler of dubious miracle cures? Sure you do. Well, I recently found out that there's a way of making him take a piss mid-mission, something I was hitherto unaware of. I'd seen random cowboys urinating against trees and the like, but never witnessed one of the game's main cast leaking the one-eyed lizard.

Obviously the first thing I did upon discovering this amazing piece of information was to locate some bladderific footage of West Dickens sprinkling his penis water about the place. It took me at least one minute. I found it amusing, so thought I'd share. There's this one:

And there's this one, which is lower in terms of quality, but higher in terms of amusement:

To get West Dickens to make a wizz-fountain happen out of his trousers, you have to be on a mission that involves riding alongside him on his carriage (either driving or riding shotgun). Once you've cleared the mission starting point by a good distance, simply jump off the carriage and stand about. Eventually West Dickens will climb down and begin watering the cacti.

I'm way past the West Dickens missions, so haven't tried it for myself. But it's on YouTube, which is all the validation I need.

If anyone has any other urinating-in-games stories to share, please relieve yourselves in the comments.

July 20, 2010

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