Power Stone Collection

Considering that about 70% of modern fighting games rip it off wholesale, it's kind of surprising that Power Stone is relatively unknown. A simple, 3D one-on-one fighter with simple controls, devastating super attacks and fast, easy action, it all but ruled the Dreamcast launch. Of course, that and about $3.50 will buy it coffee at Starbucks.

Still, Power Stone was awesome for its time, so it's good to see that Capcom's breathing new life into it with Power Stone Collection. Due out around the holidays this year for the PSP, this mini-anthology shrinks down both Power Stone and the hard-to-find, four-player Power Stone 2 for handheld play.

Set in the early 20th century, the games feature a colorful cast of more than 15 fighters, including WangTang the boy kung-fu master, Falcon the fighter pilot and Jack, a creepy, mummy-looking guy with knives who's apparently supposed to be Jack the Ripper. As these characters knock each other around the multi-tiered, 3D arenas, they'll be able to pick up and throw furniture, collect power-ups and weapons ranging from umbrellas to bazookas. But the real way to win a fight is to collect all three Power Stones, gems that appear randomly around the arena. Collect all three, and you can transform into a hyper-powerful form and smash your foes into dust with massive super attacks.

After trying the anthology's version of Power Stone 2 for ourselves, we can say that Collection replicates the Dreamcast games almost perfectly. The graphics are kind of ugly, but that seems to have been the only compromise, as the action is just as fast and well-animated as the original.