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GTA Online trailer shows handsome Heists on PC

Rockstar's new trailer for GTA Online lays out action-packed scenes from several Heists, but it's also our best look yet at GTA 5's online visuals measure running on a high-powered PC. Turns out they're every bit as pretty as the story mode.

The trailer's set to start airing on TV this weekend, but you can catch it here right now - complete with cameos from everybody's favorite balding career criminals, Lester and Trevor.

Console players have been capering away at Heists since March 10, about a year and half after GTA Online went live on PS3 and Xbox 360. GTA 5's PC version was originally set to launch in January, already arriving months past its new-gen counterparts.

The wait is almost over for the whole package, as Online Heists will go live on PC along with the rest of GTA 5 on April 15. The PC version will also include a new radio station full of songs inspired by the game's original score.

Connor Sheridan
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