Here's a question. Who has the more terrifying fixed plastic grin: Burger King or Brooke Burke?

You won't have to wonder for long, because for a mere $3.99 you can suffer through games starring both of them. Starting November 19, Burger King will be offering up a slate of games - playable on any Xbox or Xbox 360 - alongside the purchase of any value meal.

The best possible idea - Burger King vsKing of All Cosmos- is, sadly, not happening. No, we're getting Pocketbike Racer (racing), Big Bumpin' (extreme bumper cars) and Sneak King... where you sneak up behind people and give them food. That one sounds creepy enough to actually be worth playing, now that we think about it.

Does anyone else miss the days of collectable Return of the Jedi tumblers?

360 game list TK

If you've got a 360 - or original Xbox or PC - and you want some games that don't require you to suck down 1230 calories in one sandwich - that's the Triple Whopper with Cheese,check the site- Microsoft has posted upa handy release listfor this fall on If you've been paying attention, there probably won't be any big surprises here - Gears of War, natch - but you may not be clued in to the fact that Need for Speed Carbon is almost ready to roll, or that EA is still going through with the Superman Returns video game despite the fact that about three people have to want it by now. But be careful... because the list swiftly segues into far-flung-future games like Fable 2 without much warning. Don't get too excited.


Next Generation reportsthat only the GameStop chain - which includes EB Games these days - will have playable Wii kiosks for the series' launch. Yes, to try out the system without buying it, you're going to have to brave the holiday rush at the mall. Thanks, Nintendo. They may as well have placed the only kiosks in the middle of busy intersections. Nothing says "quality gaming experience" than being upsold on a useless Gameplay Guarantee while you're trying to get a feel forTwilight Princess.


Another day,another interviewwith Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America. He's the general public face of the company in the run up to the Wii, and he does a good job of it (unlike some high-powered video game executives we could mention). Instead of actually reading it - we're busy!- let's just pull out a few random quotes and see if they make it seem worth reading.

  • I'll tell you a story -- I was playing 'Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.'
  • Do I think the industry is suffering from a lack of originality? A lot of the same old content? Sequelitis? Absolutely. Absolutely.
  • Every single game makes use of the Wii remote. That%26rsquo;s why I'm confident it won't be a gimmick.

Yeah, probably worth the time. Thanks, AOL!

How many Nintendo fan sites are there?

According toN-Europe, the Wii won't have different friend codes for every game, unlike the DS, but instead make things a heck of a lot easier. We'd assume as much, but then again, we never would have imagined that Nintendo could have come up with something as stupid as friend codes in the first place. Here's hoping that, as the site suggests, it's confirmed by the company... because we hate getting stuck on long email threads every time an online DS game comes out.

New screens

AlanWake (PC,360)
Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire(PS3)
Sonic Rivals(PSP)
EA Replay(PSP)
Virtua Tennis 3(360)
The Mark(PC)
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom (PC,360)
Justice League Heroes (PS2,Xbox)
NBA 07 (PS2,PSP)

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire(PS3)
Lumines II(PSP)
Tony Hawk's Project 8 (PS2,PS3,PSP,Xbox,360)
The Mark(PC)

October 2, 2006