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New Sonic 4 level: Could it be the worst of all time?

The Act in the videosees Sonic riding in a mine cart, controlled by tilting the level with the triggers (presumaby using motion control on Wii and PS3). You can also jump. Now, we already know that minecart levelscan be awesome. But,in our opinion,this one looks like one of the most disjointed and frustrating levels we've ever seen in any game. That, or the guy playing it has never picked up a controller before. It looks worse than the skateboarding bits in Greendog. See for yourself:

We look forward to trying it out for ourselves and seeing whether it makes more sense during actual play.

Above: "This Act is played by tilting the screen while Sonic rides a mine cart. It's not very good, so try to get through it as fast as you can! OK?"

08 Apr, 2010

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