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6 New Netflix, Amazon, and Disney Plus movies and shows to watch this weekend

Money Heist season 5
(Image credit: Netflix)

Looking to unwind this weekend with a new Netflix show? Well, you're in luck, as the streamer has released the new season of the unstoppable Money Heist. Want a more light-hearted caper? Then head over to Disney Plus for Only Murders in the Building, starring the great comedy duo, Steve Martin and Martin Short.

Perhaps you're after something a bit more uplifting? Amazon has just released its version of Cinderella. On other streamers, there are some excellent recent movies being made available once again, including the Best Picture winner 12 Years a Slave. In other words, there's something for everyone. Here's the best of what's new on streaming this weekend.

Money Heist Season 5: Part 1 – Netflix

Money Heist

(Image credit: Netflix)

Available: Worldwide
Watch today: Netflix

Money Heist is one of Netflix's most popular shows. Don't just take our word for it – one CEO literally gave an entire company Friday off so everyone could watch the show, citing how they didn't want employees to lie about illness just to bunk off. That's how popular this Spanish-language series has become. Money Heist is a thrilling show about two major heists and their executions. There are unreliable narrators, more than a handful of double-crosses, and cliffhangers aplenty.

Cinderella – Amazon 

Camila Cabello in Cinderella

(Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Available: Worldwide
Watch now: Amazon Prime Video

Cinderella is brought into the 21st Century in this adaptation of the classic fairytale. Turned into a jukebox musical that includes hits like Let’s Get Loud and Material Girl, the film stars Camila Cabello as the titular princess-to-be, while the rest of the cast includes Idina Menzel as the Stepmother, Billy Porter as Fab G, James Corden as one of the mice-turned-human, Pierce Brosnan as the king, and Nicholas Galitzine as the prince. Reviews are somewhat mixed on the musical, but if you’re looking for something light-hearted and fun this weekend, you can’t go wrong with this brand new take on the famous tale.

12 Years A Slave – Amazon Prime

12 Years a Slave

(Image credit: Film 4)

Available: US
Watch today: Amazon Prime Video

Steve McQueen directs this stunning Best Picture winner about a free Black man who's forced into slavery. Chiwetel Ejiofor leads the cast as Solomon Northup, the actor offering a masterclass performance – his loss at the Oscars to Eddie Redmayne's portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything remains a great travesty. The incredible cast also features Lupita Nyong'o, Alfre Woodard, Michael Fassbender, Michael K. Williams, Sarah Paulson, and Paul Dano. 12 Years A Slave is a modern classic and one that will be talked about for many years to come. McQueen's astonishing Small Axe collection is also available on Amazon in the US.

Doctor Sleep – HBO Max

Doctor Sleep

(Image credit: Warner)

Available: US
Watch today: HBO Max

Mike Flanagan takes us back to the Overlook Hotel for this sequel to The Shining. Borrowing visuals from Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, Doctor Sleep continues the story of Danny Torrance, now grown up and played by Ewan McGregor. There's a lot more lore to digest this time around, with Danny's shining abilities taking him back to that haunted hotel – and being hunted by the villainous Rose the Hat, the terrifying leader of the True Knot cult. Rebecca Ferguson is brilliant as the antagonist, but it's Mcgregor who centers the horror. If you like The Shining, there's a lot to love here.

McMafia – BBC iPlayer

James Norton in McMafia

(Image credit: BBC)

Available: US
Watch today:
BBC iPlayer 

James Norton stars in this quite excellent British crime show. McMafia was a sensation when it first arrived on the BBC back in 2018, and returns to the streamer now for anyone who missed it the first time around. Norton plays Alex Godman, an investment fund manager who has tried to run the business cleanly. However, family ties force him to confront his father's past dealings with the Russian criminal underworld. Exceedingly watchable, this is a series you don't want to miss. 

Only Murders in the Building – Hulu/Disney Plus

Only Murders in the Building – Disney Plus

(Image credit: Disney/Hulu)

Available: US
Watch today:
Hulu (US), Disney Plus (UK)

This comedy series brings together the unlikely mix of Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez, who play three amateur true-crime obsessed sleuths investigating a murder in their luxury NYC apartment building. The trio decide to launch a podcast about their efforts, but, naturally, not all is as it seems, and one of the three has a mysterious connection to the victim… If you’re a true-crime podcast binge-listener, a longtime Martin and Short fan, or a lover of Selena Gomez’s discography – or even just in the mood for something that’ll make you laugh – look no further.