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More iPad games put to the test

Even more games...

Real Racing HD
Developer: Firemint

Graphically impressive, this – you’d think you were playing on a decent gaming-rigged PC, not a glorified iPhone. Visuals aside, this is the same as the iPhone version – acceleration and braking are automatic, leaving you to hit corners correctly by twisting the iPad itself. Ungainly, but it works.

Angry Birds HD

Price: $4.99/£2.99

The only thing that’s changed here are the graphics, which have been polished to an HD sheen for the iPad. Angry Birds remains life-devouringly addictive and, oddly enough, playing it on a larger screen makes it an even more enjoyable affair. The colourful visuals sing in high definition.

Air Hockey


A great five-minute time-waster, if you and a friend need a quick stress-buster. Lay the iPad flat on the table and two of you, using just one finger each, can play air hockey by flicking a paddle around. Incredibly simple, but a lot of fun, and it just works. Which is nice.

Labyrinth 2 HD
Illusion Labs

Another game upgraded for the iPad, but one that proves itself perfectly suited to the format. This maze makes a virtue of the the iPad’s physical shape, as you tilt it to manoeuvre a ball through all manner of obstacles. The only problem is it needs to be flat to keep your ball still.

What’s the Difference?

A simple but compelling spot-the-difference game, which is another great advertisement for the size and clarity of the iPad’s screen. It’s as casual a ‘game’ as you could imagine, but great for playing with grandma or the kids – and, best of all, for a limited time it’s free! FREE! Phew.

Plants vs Zombies HD

The iPhone’s finest moment has been all HD’d up for the iPad and it looks glorious, plus it’s easier to play. There’s a bit of extra content as well – the ‘Buttered Popcorn’ minigame and Survival mode – but whether this warrants the $10 price tag is another thing entirely.

Cro-Mag Rally

Developer: Pangea

You can still play games meant for the iPhone on your new tablet. Cro-Mag Rally is one such title (although an HD version is out), but blown up to fill the iPad’s screen, it’s ugly and pixellated.

Accessory hell

Is the iPad doomed to wallow in a plasticky sea of add-on tat? All signs point to an accessory fate that follows the Wii. Yanko Design have already created the iDrift, a Mario Kart-style steering wheel that you clip your iPad into for games such as Real Racing HD. We look forward to the tennis racquets and golf clubs. Oh, wait, no. No we don't look forward to that at all.

May 31, 2010

Real gamers review the iPad
Two editors, six games, one smudgy touch screen. Are any of these casual apps worthy of your hardcore attention?

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