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Metroid in Unreal Engine 4 is shiny and chrome

Metroid Prime: Federation Force looks fun, but I understand why a lot of series fans are rolling their eyes at it. They don't want cartoony co-op escapades; they want sharp, foreboding, atmospheric Metroid. Even if Nintendo isn't inclined to give it to them, the creator of that Sonic Unreal Engine 4 demo demo is happy to oblige.

This new video shows Samus exploring a mysterious sun-drenched temple. It's a bit outside her normal wheelhouse of dilapidated sci-fi corridors but she still seems pretty comfortable in there, aside from the heavy breathing. The demo even dips in and out of first-person to show off her immaculate armor and impressively glowy morph ball.

You can download the demo and try it out yourself, if your computer is up for it (as you might imagine, the video was recorded on a pretty monstrous machine). Just try not to fixate on how shiny and phallic Samus' gun arm looks, like an Asgardian marital aid. Sorry.

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