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Mario Strikers Charged

Wednesday 17 January 2007
Probably best described as Mario Strikers Evolution, because that's basically all it is - a Wii-enhanced evolution of the decidedly average GameCube title. Most of the new stuff we've already covered in some detail. The enhanced power shot, for example (allowing you to shoot multiple balls at a goal before the defending party gets whisked away to a somewhat ill-advised ball-deflecting mini-game), or the fact that you can now 'tackle' the opposition by flicking the Wii remote when you're close to the character with the ball.

Presentation-wise, not much has changed. Some nicer grass textures, three-dimensional crowds and a significant ante-upping of special effects is all very well and good, and they do, to some extent, make things feel a little more vibrant (an area where the GC version found itself seriously lacking). But in the grand scheme of things, we'd rather see that more important, gameplay-specific aspects were addressed.