Lola Und Bilidikid review

Imagine a Turkish Priscilla Queen Of The Desert with more violence, deeply passionate love and less comedy, and you've got Lola Und Bilidikid - - a strange drama which makes for gripping, if at times troubling, viewing.

Murat (Davrak) is a gay 17-year-old Turk living in Berlin who's desperately trying to come out in the tradition-bound neighbourhood of his immigrant family. His quest for acceptance leads him to the enigmatic Lola, stage performer and reigning queen of the gay Turkish set. But soon secrets are revealed and tragedy strikes.

A powerful exploration of entrenched homophobia and racism, Lola Und Bilidikid offers a potent metaphor for the oppression and alienation of a subculture. Assuredly directed by E Kutlug Ataman, this makes for an exceptional film which balances its hefty themes with considerable skill. Strong stuff then, but a rewarding experience.

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