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LBP2 spawns Super Mario Land tribute

Ever since Media Molecule beefed up its level building toolkit for LittleBigPlanet 2, fans have been responding in kind by uploading tons of increasingly creative levels for all to play. One homemade creation which is currently gaining praise from the community and studio alike is this remake of the Game Boy's 1989 Super Mario Land...

Granted, this is only World 1-1 from the classic handheld sidescroller, but the level's creator, JunkvXXL, promises that more are on the way.

The fact that Media Molecule has deemed this a developer favorite bodes well for the LBP2 builder. The studio has been known to hire straight from the community based on creations just like this, so JunkvXXL has every reason to keep up the impressive work.

[Source: LittleBigPlanet via Kotaku]

April 11, 2011

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