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L.A. Noire five-star walkthrough and newspaper guide

Traffic case 3: The Fallen Idol

Investigation: Crash siteInterrogation: June BallardInvestigation: Central Receiving HospitalInterrogation: Jessica HamiltonInvestigation: Mark Bishop's apartmentInterrogation: Gloria BishopInvestigation: Silver Screen PropsNewspaper 4Interrogation: Marlon Hopgood

Investigation: Crash site

Head down the hill to examine the crashed car. The evidence is laid out on the trunk.

Examine the ripped underwear. Resist the temptation to make it do a little dance.

Examine the handbag, and you'll find a note from the victim's mother.

Just for good measure, take a look in the front seat to see a splatter of blood.

Before you leave, talk to the coroner, who'll hand you a shrunken head. Turn it until Cole focuses in on its face.

Interrogation: June Ballard

June isn't a very forthcoming person. When you ask her about the Doping allegation, you should Doubt her reply. This opens up the topic Suspect 'Mark Bishop.'

Ask her about her Injured female passenger, and she'll tell you a bald-faced Lie.

To back up your accusation, whip out the Underwear.

Ask her about the Fake shrunken head, and she'll hide something again. Doubt her story.

Finally, ask her about Suspect 'Mark Bishop.' Once again, Doubt is the correct response.

Investigation: Central Receiving Hospital

Before you interview Jessica Hamilton, check the chart at the foot of her bed to add Evidence of Abuse to your clues.

Interrogation: Jessica Hamilton

When asked about the Crash incident report, Jessica tells you a Lie.

Confront her with the Underwear or the Evidence of abuse; either one will work. This opens up thetopicsAssociation with Bishop and Evidence of criminal abuse.

Ask her about her Contact with parents, and she'll Lie again.

When she denies it, show her the Letter from mother.

When asked about her Association with Bishop, you should Doubt what she says.

Finally, ask her about Evidence of criminal abuse. This time, she's actually telling the truth.

After leaving the hospital, you'll tail Ballard to a cafe, where you'll have to stay hidden at a table in order to hear her phone conversation. As soon as she leaves, get over to Mark Bishop's apartment as quickly as possible.

Investigation: Mark Bishop's apartment

Starting off in the sitting room, look at the cabinet near the radio for a photo of Mark Bishop and Marlon Hopgood. Examine it.

Next, walk into the hallway and examine the prop saddle.

Walk through the door to the right of the prop saddle, you'll see two points of interest: a photo and a replica of the Intolerance set. Examine both.

Finally, head into the bedroom and look on the floor for a discarded check. Examine it to add an important clue to your list.

Interrogation: Gloria Bishop

Asking her about the Domestic disturbance will net you a cagey reply, so hit Doubt. Now you'll also be able to ask her about the Whereabouts of Bishop, the Check for $20,000, and the Abuse of Jessica Hamilton.

Ask her about the Whereabouts of Bishop, and she'll actually tell you the Truth.

She's not so forthcoming about the Check for $20,000, though. Hit Doubt to disbelieve her.

Finally, ask her about the Abuse of Jessica Hamilton, and Doubt the answer she gives you.

Investigation: Silver Screen Props

After Marlon leads you to his "casting stage," head over to the shelves on the right.

There, you'll find a bottle of chloral hydrate. Turn it until Cole zooms in on the label.

Next, head over to the mirror on the opposite side of the room and examine it.

Newspaper 4

After heading out of Marlon's soundstage, hang a left and you'll see this workbench. The next paper's waiting for you there, on your right.

Next, check the other workbench and you'll find a pair of shrunken heads. Not the kind you'll seeon sticks, but the kind found at the crash site.

Turn left from the shrunken heads, and you'll see what appears to be a dead end. Get close and "examine" it to reveal it as a false front.

Examine whatever you want in the secret room, but the only things that require your attention are the two film canisters shown below:

The one labeled with masking tape turns out to be empty, but it's still a vital clue.

The one with the orange label, meanwhile, will tell you exactly where Bishop's hiding out.

Interrogation: Marlon Hopgood

When asked about his Association with Bishop, Hopgood will Lie.

When he challenges your accusation, confront him with either the Chloral hydrate or the Empty film canister. Either works. This will also open up the topic Relationship with Ballard.

Next, ask him about the Whereabouts of Bishop, and he'll actually tell the Truth.

Ask him about his Relationship with Ballard, and he'll Lie again.

Show him you mean business with the Empty film canister. This opens up Evidence of blackmail for discussion.

Ask Hopgood about Evidence of blackmail, and he'll Lie again.

Hit him with the $20,000 check, and he'll give up the goods.

After the interview with Hopgood, the remainder of the case is all action, which you probably don't need our help with. However, we dorecommend that, during the shootout outside, you get out of your car and fight on foot instead of leading your enemies on a chase.You'll causea lot lessproperty damage that way.

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