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L.A. Noire five-star walkthrough and newspaper guide

Arson Case 1: The Gas Man

Investigation: Steffens House FireInterrogation: Don SteffensInvestigation: Sawyer House FireInvestigation:Gulliver's Travel AgencyInterrogation:John CunninghamInvestigation: Suburban RedevelopmentInvestigation: Fire Station No. 32Interrogation: Ivan RasicInvestigation: InstaHeat FactoryChasing Reginald VarleyInterrogation: Walter ClemensChasing Matthew RyanInterrogation: Reginald VarleyInterrogation: Matthew Ryan

Investigation: Steffens House Fire

There's really only one piece of evidencelayingaroundhere: the InstaHeat water heater, which you'llf find along the side of the house, near its fence.

Examine it to open it up.

Take note of the name Matthew Ryan on the service list inside.

Next, talk to Don Steffens, who'llshow youhis ticket from Gulliver's Travel Agency.

Interrogation: Don Steffens

Ask Don about the Travel competition, and he'll tell the Truth. That was easy.

Next, ask him about Suburban Redevelopment. This time, Doubt his answer.

Before you leave, trot over to the nearby gamewell to get an address for the Suburban Redevelopment Fund.

Investigation: Sawyer House Fire

Before you go to either Gulliver's or the SRF, finish your rounds and visit the other house fire.Start by takinga look at the bodies.

Next, wander over to the side of the house, as shown below, and investigate the blue thing laying there.

Pick it up to find out that it's an InstaHeat regulator valve.

Shortly afterward, you'll end up chasing suspect Herbert Chapman, who's got a cigarette-and-matchbook firestarting device on his person. You'd think he'd be smart enough to detach one from the other while he was running, but no.

Investigation: Gulliver's Travel Agency

When you enter Gulliver's, you'll be shown a ledger. Tap on the entries for Steffens and Sawyer.

Interrogation: John Cunningham

Ask John about Suburban Redevelopment, and he'll tell the Truth.

Ask him about the Promotional travel contest, however, and his response will merit Doubt.

Investigation: Suburban Redevelopment

After you arrive at the "Suburban Redevelopment" office, walk inside and look on the deskpictured below:

You'll find a memo that hints at some pretty shady nonsense on Elysian's end.

Investigation: Fire Station No. 32

Start by examining the heater from the Sawyer house fire, and note the name Reginald Varley on its service list.

Next, you'll be given a little puzzle by Lynch. Arrange the pieces as shown below:

Interrogation: Ivan Rasic

At the InstaHeat Factory, ask Rasic about the InstaHeat Model 70, and you'll get a response that merits Doubt.

Ask him about the Heater service history, though, and he'll Lie to your face.

Show him either the Heater serviced by Ryan or the Heater serviced by Varley to show that you've had enough of his little game.

After that, Rasic will hand over a list of technicians employed by InstaHeat.

Investigation: InstaHeat Factory

After your chat with Rasic, get up and use his phone.

Once you're done, immediately sit back down and talk to Rasic again to make him show you to his employees' lockers.

Start with Walter Clemens' locker, on the left.

Inside, you'll find an anarchist pamphlet and nothing else of interest.

Next, check out Matthew Ryan's locker.

Wow, a whole bunch of anarchist pamphlets! Pick one up to add it to evidence.

Finally, check Reginald Varley's locker.

Inside, you'll find a box of Moz-Kill coils. Be sure to take the strips out of the box, or else they won't be counted as a clue.

Chasing Reginald Varley

When you visit Varley's work site, he'll flee on foot. You could chase and tackle him by normal means, butif you haven't alreadysnagged the Not So Hasty Achievement/Trophy (15G/Bronze), this is a great opportunity to stop him with a warning shot (although keeping the reticule on him is a challenge).

Interrogation: Walter Clemens

Ask Pete Campbell Walter about his Knowledge of Varley, and he'll respond with such smugness that Doubt is the only possible response.

Next, ask about his Employment with InstaHeat. Again, Doubt his response.

Finally, ask about his Knowledge of Ryan. This time, he'll Lie.

Confront him with Clemens' anarchist pamphlet to make him come clean.

Chasing Matthew Ryan

Another chase erupts when you visit Ryan's work site, this time with cars. The usual rules apply; keep your siren on and try not to rack up too much damage as you take down Ryan's van, and you'll be fine.

Interrogation: Reginald Varley

Ask Varley about his Work at Sawyer residence, and he'll Lie about it.

Show him the Heater serviced by Varley to prove that you're not as stupid as he thinks.

Next, ask about Suburban Redevelopment, and he'll Lie again.

This time, Walter Clemens' statement will break down his deceit.

Finally, ask him about the InstaHeat Model 70, and he'll Lie again.

Show him the Mosquito coils to conclude the interview. And while it may be tempting, DON'T charge him!

Interrogation: Matthew Ryan

Ask Matthew about his Anarchist literature, and he'll Lie.

Show him the mountains of Ryan's anarchist pamphlets you found to counter his clever ruse.

Ask him about the InstaHeat Model 70, and he'll Lie again.

Your response should be to throw Ivan Rasic's statement in his face.

Next, ask about Suburban Redevelopment. This time, respond to his statement with Doubt.

Finally, ask about his Attempted murder charge, and once again, your answer should be Doubt.

At this point, you could charge either Varley or Ryan, but only by locking up Ryan will you get a five-star rating.Do it and the case is over.

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