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L.A. Noire five-star walkthrough and newspaper guide

Vice Case 2: The Set Up

Investigation: American Legion stadiumNewspaper 8Investigation: Hotel El MarInvestigation: Aleve MotelInterrogation: Candy EdwardsTailing CandyInvestigation: Thrifty LiquorInvestigation: Examiner DrugstoreRay's BookmakersInvestigation: Interstate Bus Depot

Investigation: American Legion stadium

When you regain control, head over to Hammond's locker (second from the pinboard) and open it up.

Inside, you'll find a roll of tape, which is useless, and a list of bookies' odds and a phone number, whichare important clues. Pick it up and examine it.

Newspaper 8

Not far from the lockers are a couple of massage tables; the next paper is sitting on the one to the left in the image below:

Before you leave the stadium, use one of the payphones to follow up on the phone number in the locker.

Investigation: Hotel El Mar

At the front desk, you'll be handed a guestbook.Find the name Winston Churchill and tap on it.

InHammond's room, start by checking the wastebasket near the door.

Inside, you'll find a discarded telegram. Read it.

Next, check the dresser by the wastebasket.

There, you'll find part of a movie ticket (and a box of chocolates, which is irrelevant).

After that, check out the open magazine on the table.

Tap on the coupon in he lower right-hand corner for your next clue.

Finally, head over to the night table shown below:

There you'll find a list of bookmakers' payouts to log into your clue list.

Investigation: Aleve Motel

Talk to the clerk at the front desk to get directions to Candy's room, then jog over there.

After the fight, check out Carlo's left inside pocket for a nasty surprise.

Above: For some reason, you then put this back where you found it

Next, check his right pocket for a list of bookies that corresponds to the one you found in Hammond's locker.

Once you're done searching Carlo, look over on the dresser.

Here, you'll find a ticket to exciting Akron, Ohio...

... and a postcard for the trans-Atlantic Cunard Line.

Interrogation: Candy Edwards

When Candy comes to, ask her about the Whereabouts of Hammond. Unsurprisingly, she'll Lie.

Show her the Magazine coupon to prove you know where she was.

Next, ask her about the List of odds recovered.

Counter her deceit with either the Bookmakers' odds or the Bookmakers' payouts.

Finally, ask about her Plans to leave town. This time, you should Doubt her statement.

Tailing Candy

Following Candy can be a little excruciating, but you don't really need our help for it. However, if you're interested in getting The Moose Achievement/Trophy (15G/Bronze), you should know that, although the game repeatedly tells you to take cover, all you really need to do is keep your distance and make sure there'salways something standing between you and Candy's line of sight. So long as you can do that, you'll never actually have to hit the "cover" button, and you should earn The Moose in no time.

Investigation: Thrifty Liquor

After talking to the bookie, head overto the pay phone on the wall.

Once there, use the pencil on the notepad to reveal her next destination.

Investigation: Examiner Drugstore

Here, the bookie will direct you to a cab company's calling card by the phone. It's sitting on top ofthe little radio set.

Immediately use the phone to put a trace on the cab.

Finally, head back over to the bookie and talk to him before leaving.

Ray's Bookmakers

When you head to Ray's, you'll immediately be thrust into another excruciating tailing sequence. Just don't get too close to the cab, hit your siren or cause too much destruction, and you'll be fine.

Investigation: Interstate Bus Depot

After tailing Candy's cab to the depot, head inside and remain hidden from her while she wanders around. Wait for her to head into the restroom, and when you hear a scream and a shot, kick down the door.

After the cutscene, all you'll need to do is check the handbag and gun laying on the floor.

Examine the gun, and note that only one shot was fired.

Next, pick up the movie ticket for your next destination.

After you've finished up at the bus stop, head to the Egyptian Theatre for the case's big finale.

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