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Kwari review

Can you put your money where your mouth is? Too bad this game can't


  • Real risk vs reward
  • Watching your money increase
  • Free version available


  • Watching your money decrease
  • Cruddy
  • dated graphics
  • Cruddy
  • dated gameplay

Note: While Kwari has not been officially released in the US, it is available for download and play.

First and foremost, Kwari is free to download, but you have to pay for ammunition. And then again when you pick up weapons, drops and health. And again when you get shot. If you’re going to ask someone to continuously pay money to be able to play your game, you’re going to have to provide one hell of a decent shooter. And not, let’s say, something that looks and feels like a weak Quake II clone. Yeah, you read that right. Quake II.

It’s that horrible childhood feeling of the costume shop being out of Spider-Man outfits right before the big party, and your mum saying, “Don’t worry dear, I’ll sew one for you.” The whole thing reeks of “This is what those first-person shooters are like, right?” It’s a decade out of date, with horrible graphics, and remarkably tiresome to play.

This only gets worse as you watch your cash balance rapidly descend every time you pick up a new weapon, or walk over a health drop. It’s a real fight against your gaming instincts to avoid the many pickups in the levels, and a pain when you accidentally run over 17 of them in a row during combat. Like we did. All the time.

More Info

DescriptionAn online FPS that puts the "bounty" in bounty hunter. Players pay cash for ammo and earn rewards and more cash only by killing other players in-game.
US censor ratingRating Pending