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iPhone game of the day: Mr Space!!

Game:Mr. Space!!
Price: Free at press time
Size: 7.6MB
Buy it now from the iTunes Store:US/UK

Mr. Space!! is one of those games that you will never turn your iPhone on specifically to play, but when you're bored, desperate for something to do, and scrolling through your Apps, you'll remember it exists and give it a go to chew up some time. You can't say fairer than that.

This undemanding dodging game has been free for quite a while, so it's well worth picking up just to keep on your iPhone for a dull day. Who can argue with a free thing? Unless it's free SARS, which Mr. Space!! isn't.

Mr. Space puts you between two clamps and gives you the ability to move and left and right. You have a few seconds to move into a space before the clamps come together and crush your little stickman. Although it's not very challenging, it becomes increasingly easy to make mistakes as your concentration wavers and jump into an area that looks like it's a space but will actually squash you flat.

The minimalist art style and the rather excellent music makes for an entertaining little package, and the cost can't be beat. Get it or something!

Oct 05, 2010