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iPhone game of the day: Fruit Ninja

Game: Fruit Ninja
Price: £0.59/$0.99
Size: 7.3MB
Out: Now

As with so many great games, Fruit Ninja from Halfbrick has a very simple premise.Fruit is thrown into view and you have to slice it with your ninja blade (a.k.a. your finger). However, slice a bomb or let three pieces of fruit fall to the bottom again and it's game over.

The 3D fruit comes apart and splatters on the backdrop nicely and the OpenFeint scoring links to your mates will make forplenty of high-score competition. You can listen to music from your iPod while you play and you even get trivia every time you get back to the title screen. A fun little app at a nice price.

Above: Kersplat! Getting several slices of fruit in a row is satisfying stuff

Above:Fruit Ninja-senseiknows more about fruit than we do

Buy Fruit Ninja now from the iTunes store

22 Apr, 2010

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