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iPhone game of the day: Chronosgear

Game: chronoSgear
Price: $1.99 / £1.19
Size: 14.8 MB
Get it now on the iTunes store:US/UK

If chronoSgear looks familiar, that’s probably because it’s pretty much the exact same game as Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes on the Nintendo DS. It offers up a unique storyline and art style, but when it comes to gameplay, it’s the identical combination of match three and turn based combat that made Clash such a great game. But while this means chronoSgear is essentially a clone, it’s also the only game of its type on the App Store.

Sort of a cross between Bejeweled and Final Fantasy Tactics, chronoSgear divides the battlefield into two, with your units occupying the bottom half and your opponents’ taking up the top. Matching three or more like-colored units vertically will put them in attack formation, while lining them up horizontally will create a defensive barrier. You’ll take turns moving units around, with each combatant getting three moves per turn, and you defeat your enemy by reducing their soul -- essentially their HP -- to zero. It sounds confusing, but it’s pretty easy to get the hang of once you start playing. As you progress you’ll level up and get access to powerful special units that add an extra layer of strategy.

Playing as Starck, a budding mafia member, you’ll go through a lengthy campaign that features everything from time travel and cyborgs to murder and revenge. Think of it as a sci-fi version of The Godfather, only with awful, cliche JRPG dialog. The story unfolds through comic book-style cut-scenes that sport a nice, colorful, manga look. The plot and characters are pretty forgettable, but that’s okay because most of your time will be spent in combat.

chronoSgear is long, but that’s mostly due to the amount of grinding you’ll have to do. The bosses are hard, so expect to get into lots of random fights in order to get your experience up so you’ll actually stand a chance against the tougher enemies. It may not be all that original, but chronoSgear provides a whole lot of gameplay and some very addictive strategic combat. Just be prepared for a long haul.

Dec 3, 2010