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iPhone game of the day: All-in-one GameBox

Game:All-in-1 GameBox
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We're actually a little hesitant to recommend All-in-1 GameBox, because we could easily have stretched the contents of thisbulginggames archive across a week or more. Courtesy of publisher Triniti Interactive, it's actually a collection of 35 of the company'sofferings - and each new update adds a few more for free.

he Sudoku Times. If you can't guess what that one's all about, you're probably clicking the mouse button with your forehead.

Above: We would recommend iKungFu Master (top left) or Dino Cap (top right) all on their own. Toss in Robo Rush (lower left) and AC-130 Spectre (lower right, imitating aspecific, infamousCall of Duty: Modern Warfare level) and 31 more, and this is a steal.

Ultimately, All-in-1 GameBox is like a box of crayons - you won't love every single thing in here, and there might be some you hardly even use. But you're guaranteed to find a few that are just the right shade for you. And those will make it a very worthy purchase.

Above: You've seen stuff like this before. Clockwise from top left, are imitations of: Tower Defense, Contra, Bejeweled, and Sniper Scope (more or less). But you may not have seen so much of it in one place.

Above:Have we mentioned there's a crapton of games in this collection?Because there are.

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